Monday, November 30, 2009

Another layout for the 15mm ACW fortifications...

Howdy all!

Okay, based on feedback I got, I did some reworking of the work... basically I got rid of the straight layout and created some interlocking fields of fire, as they should have had. Obviously it is not flocked into the table and I still want to play with it. Overall, I think it looks a LOT better, although I think there are still things that need working out... plus, I really do need to dig out the rest of my Confederate artillery; for now, I am just too lazy!

Looking better? Any helpful hints?


sirlarkins said...

Very nice!

Yitu said...

Great work!

Regards from Germany,


Giles said...

It looks fantastic - but then I thought the earlier one did as well!

Bets wishes


MAJ Steve said...

I can give some insights on the trench lines/fortifications (I grew up in Petersburg).


Steve Thompson

Sargent Jasper said...

Nice job, I am just starting in the hobby and your work is the standard I will judge myself by after a few years of work. Thanks for the great blog and photos.