Saturday, November 28, 2009

Painted up the 15mm ACW fortified pieces...

Well, while my wife watched cheesy Christmas movies, I worked on toy soldiers!

Tonight I painted up the resin pieces that I picked up from Acheson Creations and I think they turned out nicely! I did a few layers of brown, with the brown for the gabions being a lighter shade so they stood out from the redoubts themselves... then a bit of flock on the edges of the bases and voila! Now, I still need to move them around a bit so it looks right, but overall I think for now they look okay.

There is still a bit of work to do, obviously... I think I need to get rid of the building and fields in front of the fort, and I want to see if I can figure out a way to disguise the back a bit... of course, as always, any suggestions (for example, how to lay them out) welcome!


Stryker said...

A really excellent little scene! What make of figures are they?


Author said...

The figures are nice; they are Battle Honours... they are very nicely proportioned... really the nicest 15s I've seen.

Thanks for coming by!:D

Anon said...

So you like toy soldier talk, eh? Somehow I already knew.. so let's keep them coming.

Blessed are the gentlemen whose spouses can be kept perfectly satisfied with Christmas movies and such. I once bought mine a whole six-pack of tear-jerkers, worked wonders.

I'm a bit of a terrain geek myself. Thank you for the info on the felt. May I inquire what the measurements of the table are? My guess would be 3'x6'or thereabouts.

You really go to town with that flocking, and to good effect. But the bushes are ready-made I suppose? Are they Woodland Scenics foliage glued onto some sort of wire or wool?

Author said...


I know, it is hard to believe I enjoy the toy soldier talk, right?:)

Yes, I did have to drive 20 minutes to get the movie for the wife, but it got me almost two hours of quiet, so I figure it was 40 minutes (roundtrip) worth spending.

The table is a 4 x 6.5. It is good for the smaller scales, but not quite enough for 25s. It is a shame, because my 25s will have to spend their lives in their cabinets! Booo!!

Yeah, the flocking I picked up simply by looking at the tables I liked the most. The bushes are from woodland scenics, but not glued onto anything! I just tear them into clumps and voila! They come in large "cubes" basically, and I just tear them down one end. I'll post up a little on that, because I am not sure I am describing it in an understandable fashion:) (I am not even sure if that last sentence made much sense!) Honestly, most of the terrain is very mobile and very... well, basic:)

sirlarkins said...

I'm no expert at all on ACW forts, but looking at this Osprey book, I would say that your layout is looking just fine. Maybe move the building and fields back a bit, but I don't know if there's need to get rid of them entirely.

Anon said...

@ Lord Ashram,

trust me, Sir, you have been entirely clear on the bushes and everything else. Indeed I recognize the WS foliage clusters now. I agree that economy can be the midwife of some beautiful terrain; I have seen examples of DARN good pine trees made from old sofa upholstery, cocktail sticks and finely chopped toothbrush hairs... So if and when you go gather those leaves in the garden, be sure to pick up some fine twigs. I did the same last week and after drying them I converted them to perfect 10mm birch trees. Cut to size, mount on base, glue some plucks of poly fiber to branches, put glue on poly fiber, sprinkle with flocking of choice, paint stem with a broken white with grains added for birch bark. Bob's your uncle before you can say Gettysburg.