Friday, November 27, 2009

Turkey Sandwiches

Okay, let's get serious.

It is Turkey Sandwich time... my favorite time of the year! And given that I've done food posts before... I thought I'd do one on the making of my favorite food of ALL TIME... the turkey sandwich!

Step one... get yourself a good potato roll, and cover it up with some pieces of turkey. Avoid ones with any sort of gristle... use your hands to tear, that will give you a good "feel" for the meat you are using.

Step Two... cut yourself a nice sized piece of stuffing. Now, the trick with cold stuffing is that it is SUPER easy to cut into the EXACT size of your sandwich. Make sure you take advantage of this!

Step three... mashed potatoes. These are my dad's, who was trained at the Cordon Bleu, so they are particularly good... cheese and breadcrumbs and all sorts of goodness! Now, the key here, again, is use your hands! You could really mold the potatoes down around the edges of the stuffing, and make yourself a nice indent in the top for step four.

Step four... gravy! Be careful, you don't want to OVERDO it, but that is hard to do with gravy. Make sure you get a nice amount right into the indention you made earlier in the potatoes.

Step five... put on the cover, and nuke for about 40 seconds. Do not toast; you want mush and heat, not crispy. Then, when it comes out, push everything down and around the sandwich with your hands, and voila! Turkey sandwich for a KING!!

I love Thanksgiving.


jmilesr said...

Excellent use of the materials at hand! My recipe involves a baguette, instead of a potato roll and some turkey broth to use for dipping. All the other ingredients are the same.

Oh how I enjoy (and unfortunatley, expand) during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

Author said...

Isn't thanksgiving the best?

A baguette, eh? I purposefully buy the the potato roll because of its texture... soft and mushy and bready, with a texture that is almost the same as the stuffing and mashed potatoes. I would avoid any sort of bread with a real crust, as I think that will create too many textures for the sandwich. Turkey broth for dipping, however, is interesting... it almost sounds like a Turkey Sandwich au jus!

Good stuff.

Anon said...

That certainly is a highly original terrain feature, Lord Ashram. We don't have it in Europe, that's for sure. What age does it belong in? My guess would be the Neolithicum.. ;)


Author said...

I am not entirely sure what age... possibly The Delicious Age?:)

I swear it is my favorite holiday... no worrying about shopping or gifts or any of that... just eating:)

MAJ Steve said...