Friday, October 6, 2023

Mythic Games, who make Monsterpocolypse and 6: Siege and Darkest Dungeon, are running a damn scam


It’s been a while.  I’m still here, and still making games, and still gaming… in fact, I’ve got some SUPER cool stuff in the pipeline!

But right now… I want to talk about the assholes over at Mythic Games.

So they are running a Kickstarter for their game Monsterpocolypse, a game they released some time ago but I guess are redoing.

I thought it looked awesome, and my son loves Kong and Godzilla, so I pledged a pretty big pledge of almost $250.  Now, I’m an elementary school teacher, and that’s a HUGE amount of money for me.

Now YEARS have gone by, and apparently they are just… not doing it. They are using the money raised to make OTHER games for other customers, and will not issue a refund.

That’s a damn scam, and honestly, it is goddamn disgusting.

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Berg said...

That really sucks Ashram. They also seem to keep asking for contributions in order to continue development, they really bodged it. I have heard you can ask for a refund, although that might actually be for another game they are working on, but the hopes on getting one is abysmal. Its really bizarre. They are "not planning to get-out of business" but with this fiasco cannot imagine that there is any trust in new products from them.

Its perhaps a bit weird to ask under this post, of all posts, a question regarding your samurai units but I have been trying to figure out a basing system for samurai for a long time now. Yours look stunning and I would really like to know the dimensions you are using so I can replicate it for myself. I have scoured the internet if you mentioned it anywhere. My best guest is that they are 60 mm by 50 mm.