Saturday, January 2, 2016

Some fantastic moderns photos...

Hey all!

Just thought I would share... was at my buddy's place yesterday.  He has temporarily lost his toy soldier room (thanks a lot, newborn!) but has made the basement into his temporary man cave.  And the current setup?  A moderns table!

A government official is escorted to his car by contractors.

The main government building.

The market in the early morning... not a lot of folks there yet.

A US column passes some rubble.

A few people are at the bus stop....

The bazaar begins to get active!

A US sniper team watches everyone.

Another shot of the market and the government building.

This part of town took a few bombs, as enemies were firing on the government building from there...

A larger shot of the city.

A deep, polluted canal cuts off the government district from the poorest (and now most bombed) part of town.

A busy intersection.

The shooting is about to start, as an American convoy turns into the most dangerous part of town...

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Preacher by day said...

Wow, that's a very impressive setup. Big, and beautifully done.