Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Some moderns shots, including new cars

Hey all!

Well, a buddy came by, and while we intended to play a bunch of the moderns game we only played a bit... although we DID do a bunch of work adding some cars to the collection!

He had bought a HUGE pack of, like, 60 cheap plastic model cars for his table.  He gave me four, because he figured he had enough and it seemed like four was all I needed for such a tiny square.  But MAN they help!

We did two rusty and beat up... this one with the tires missing, and the other one with the tires flat and a few bullet holes through it.

I just liked this shot of the blinds, ready for action:)

Here you can see our squads entering the table on the first square... you can see one bullet riddled car ahead of them.  Wonder what happened to the driver... those bullet holes in the windshield look ominous.

Squads continue up the block.

There was a possible IED in the room... the Bomb Squad guy moved towards it behind a white car, while the rest of the team kept a respectful distance.

But both squads were engaged by a large team of fedayeen up on a nearby rooftop!  Steaking RPGs missed, and a squad of marines quickly moved up the alleyways across the street and stormed the building, killing all of the enemy.  One marine was hit, but was quickly patched up and back on his feet.

The bomb squad guy checked out the trash... turns out it was nothing!

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