Saturday, May 7, 2011

Newest Terminator painted, and a set-back

Hey all!

Okay, Terminator #4 is done.  Another blond beard, this time with a thunder hammer and storm shield.  The hammer is done in the same style as the storm bolters, a lighter, flesh-highlighted color that I think looks good, and it is close enough to the armor colors in some ways to keep that single-color scheme consistent.  Good stuff!  Going to go dip him now.

One note... I got the wolves, and they seem good... a few potentials.  However, I can't get the bases cut off!  They looked thing and doable, but holy COW it is the strongest metal I've ever seen on a miniature!  Tried cutting and sanding, and neither works.  Not sure what to do with them:(


Guinny said...

Hi - about the Wolves, have you thought of putting them on thinner bases and then building them up with filler to hide the metal bases? Renedra do some pretty cheap 25x50mm bases (£2.50 for 15).

I spoke to Terry at Salute, and he said they'll be doing some 40mm round bases in the same style as the rest of the range some time this year, and they might fit in a bit better with a 40k army.

Author said...

Hey man!

To be honest, it is a little late I think to make changes now:) I am only doing these five Terminators, and then moving on to another project... but if I ever come back to 40k, I may consider it!:)

Thanks for coming by!

Author said...

Oh, I am an idiot... when you said "Wolves" I thought you meant Space Wolves, and somehow totally forgot my post was about the actual wolves with the bases I couldn't deal with! Good lord I am thick.

That is a good idea... maybe I'll do just that... I can file/sand them down a bit, and then just glue them on and cover them up. Thanks for the suggestion, and sorry for being a moron:D