Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Workbench

Something a little different today on the workbench!

I am currently working on a small, four mini diorama for my old college roomie, based on a comic book (of approx. seven pages length) that we drew together. I saw this mini, which matches EXACTLY the hero of the comic we drew, to the point of my wondering if someone at the company that made her read it. So I am working on putting it together. The photo doesn't really get across the detail in her... the face was five shades, the hair five as well, and the black bodysuit has four, although you cannot see them... it is, in reality, a deep, very dark blue. Man, it is HARD to photograph dark dark blue! I tried taking these shots without a flash and her body suit just turned out BLACK... these shots are with a flash, which sort of ruin the subtle blending a bit, but at least you can pick up the blue. Minis just look best in person!

Anyway... I'll put up some more photos when I get them done. I have some 15mm ACW troops ready for paint as I prep for our Fall In game, and I have to finish two bodyguards to go with the diorama of "The Guest." I think I need to get the ACW troops done first!


Andrew said...

I think this model was inspired by that movie.. (I forget the name) You know, the one with the vampire girl who falls in love with the guy who becomes a werewolf. The head vampire is played by that old English actor who plays the step-father in Shaun of the Dead. I'd Google this, but I don't know any of the actors names!

I can tell you've done a good job painting, but I can certainly relate to photography issues. I have found that taking a good picture of a model is harder than painting it well!

Author said...

Glad you enjoy her!

The movie... do you mean Underworld? I've never seen it, but I think that is a vampire/werewolf movie... not sure if she is actually inspired by that or not, since I cannot remember where I got her!:)

And amen on the photography problems. It is so, so difficult to get the lighting right:(