Monday, September 22, 2008

25mm Napoleonic French Army

Well, the Warhammer army is gone... so I had some room on the table! I am going to be clearing and setting up a few possible 15mm ACW tables to prepare for Fall In and the game we are doing there, but before I did, I thought it was a good chance to get a few photos of the entire 25mm Napoleonic French collection up!

The collection is a good size; eight units of 24 infantry, three units of 12 cavalry, two units of 2 artillery pieces and limbers, three stands of officers, and two centerpieces. Most of the infantry is Perry, although the Guard is Old Glory. The cavalry is also Old Glory, as is the artillery, the limbers, and some of the officers. While I don't love the Old Glory figures, they fill the army out nicely and, more importantly, cheaply.

I do love this army; the movement trays are all custom made from balsa, and the men fit into their specific spots. All stands are labeled on the underside, so they are easy to get into the right spot, but when all else fails, just line the grass up!

I call the shot to the left "The Advance of the Eagles;" if you count there are like five or six in this one shot!:) Good stuff from Rick "The Flag Dude" O'Brien.

My Russian collection will basically match in many ways, although with fewer infantry units (of more men.) However, the same basic structure will run throughout, with mounted officers commanding foot officers, and centerpieces
in both armies.

Anyway... hope everyone enjoys the photos! Let me ask... is there anything people want closer photos of?

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