Friday, July 11, 2008

The Workbench - Army Paintered Austrians

Well, I was not satisfied with working just on a warhammer figure, so I thought I would throw together a Hungarian infantryman to dip and test!

The left hand side of both shots are the pre-dip; a very basic paintjob with no highlights or shades, just a basic color.The right hand side is post shade and dull coat, as well as the addition of an eye and a fresh coat of white on the belts to really make them stand out. Below is a re-worked guy, with his face highlighted (nose, chin) and then re-washed; I think it looks MUCH better, and I will continue to refine.
Painting white couldn't be any easier!


John said...

Looks really nice. I normally paint 15mm figures and am starting to use wonder was ink for figures in cloth (not armor). The army painter really does a ice job over white.

Author said...

Yeah it does. Keep in mind this is the LIGHT shade; they have two shades darker that I think would be too dark for a white army, but nice looking for a regular army.