Saturday, July 5, 2008

My Napoleonic Rules version 1

Hello all!

I just finished making the basic updates to my Napoleonic Ruleset; Muskets and Moustaches.

It is a very simple game to play, all based on a handful of dice and rolls of 1-3 and 4-6. Obviously there is a bit more to it, but that is the essence!

I have two versions here that I have made; this is an illustrated one, with full color photos of each aspect of the game and examples of the gameplay. It is a solid 6 MB file. I will also put up in a day or two one with no illustrations at all, for the boring folks among us with limited printing ability!

Anyway... all I ask is that people give them a look and let me know what isn't clear or what doesn't play well... I would very much like to make this rule set work better and better.

Here is the link for the rules!

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The Terrain Czar said...

I have a couple of question that I will present that the rules mention but actually don't answer....

Pg 3 : Designer notes : "There is no “morale” system; morale is integrated directly into casualties. That is why Green units are able to take fewer casualties than Regular units before being ineffective; not only do men die, but the rest lose heart and flee."

I have read high and low but cannot find reference to how green units take fewer casualties than regular units. What am I missing?

Pg 11 : Prepare to fire can only be done by infantry?

Ouch, think that is wrong as this represents a unit bracing for a charge. Artillery as it stands as it is written gets no defensive fire whatsoever.

Pg 28 : Recovery Phase : "Any units that have not taken any action whatsoever in the turn, and have taken no enemy fire of any sort, may attempt to recover any dice they have lost. Roll 1 die for each die the unit has lost; on a roll of a 6, the unit regains that die. As usual, officer dice may be added to the pool."

How do units lose a die? Remember, this is the last phase in the turn, so I don't see how this plays into it.

Pg 30 : Officers, Command dice may be used...• absorb one die worth of casualties to any stand.

I'm assuming that this is a standard test, it doesn't say it's automatic.