Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Table

Well, after all of these shots of the wargames room and the decorations and all of that, I am finally posting a few shots of the table!

First, here are a few of the table disassembled. It is a simple wooden frame, with a piece of ply as the base with some 2 inch thick insulation foam above that. We then carved some hills from the foam and place these on the base, using a few pieces of tape just to hold everything in place. In these two shots you can see the table with no felt covering, showing the exposed insulation.

The table itself is built on four shelves that come from ikea. I attached four wheels to the bottom of each shelf. There is a wooden frame around the shelf (seen above) that is screwed on. Then we lay the green felt over the insulation and use a second inner frame that slides into the outside of the table and pins the felt in place.

We then use some pin trees (as pictured to the left) to hold down the felt in key areas. We have found that the pin trees do an excellent job in helping contour the land realistically. Other groups of trees can then be laid out to further hold the felt down.

Once this has been done and the fields, roads, and river have been placed, we can flock the table. Right now we have a light sprinkle of flock on the table, with slightly lighter flock on the hilltops to accentuate the shadow/light effect of raised ground. The flock covering goes a long way towards camoflaging various seams and such.

Finally we added the buildings, which have only their first basic drybrush coat, and the fences, which need their grey done, and voila; the first real table setup! I hope you all enjoy!


Gunfreak said...

Love the shots of the table, get a real Gettysburg feel of it

Author said...

Glad you've enjoyed! The different hills and such really led to a nice rolling feel to the table.

Gunfreak said...

I'm SO going to steal your way of doing it, when I get my own table

Auston Jeff Butler said...

That is an awesome table!

Iowa Grognard said...

Good stuff!

Paint-In said...

Hi Stumbled on your site yesterday. Wonderful stuff. Especially the way you designed the table. Do you by any chance have any electronic sketches and / or dimensions left that you would like to share. I would be very happy to build a similar table in my house (Netherlands).

Hope to hear from you

Warlok said...

do you remember what those shelves cost and what section of the Ikea they were in? I've scoured their website and couldn't find anything that looked like those.