Monday, March 3, 2008

25mm Nap. French - The Old Guard Chasseurs

Marching onto the battlefield today in support of the Old Guard Grenadiers are the Old Guard Chasseurs!

While not as rough and tumble as the Grenadiers, these chaps, known affectionately as Les Grognards (or The Grumblers; they were famous for being pretty vocal when complaining to their beloved Emperor, and he famous for being rather understanding!) are still the elite of the elite, very much in the vein of the Persian Immortals of years past. The Guard was feared throughout Europe and beyond, and there were few troops who bothered to stand when the Old Guard took the field!

The commander of this regiment is clearly an aggressive fellow, pointing towards the enemy with his sword so that his men know which way to go. Of course, he is supported by veteran NCOs to help guide this veteran killing machine!

His men are clearly veterans, and show the scars of many campaigns and the fiercest fighting. Of course, no matter how much incoming fire they face, they continue forward, for The Emperor!

All figures are Old Glory 25mm.

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