Monday, November 25, 2019

A first test game of Black Seas!

Well, I finally got a few ships done, so thought it was time to try out a game of Black Seas!  My son, who is always a willing opponent, was the opposing admiral!

He had two ships, a third rate and a brig, while I took two frigates.  I started with the wind in my favor.

We sailed towards each other, and my two frigates split up, with the hope of catching his third rate between us.

The third rate returned fire, as did the brig.

My frigate closed in, and hammered on the third rate, actually causing a massive fire to break out!  

As the crew of the third rate put all of their energy into putting out the fire, my other frigate cut across its bow, crossing the T and pouring fire into it...

...while my other frigate crossed the T from the stern!  This was BAD for my son's man of war!

My lead frigate passed between my son's third rate and brig and fired on both!

He, however, took fire in return.

And my frigate continued to fire, and then passed right by the third rate...

... which promptly passed my stern and absolutely unloaded at point blank range, doing an insane amount of damage and outright sinking my frigate!

My other frigate sailed in and began to pour fire into the stern of the third rate as it sailed on.

And started a fire!

My son put all his efforts into putting out the fire and so his third rate went off the board, reappearing a bit later behind a nearby island.

(Off camera, the brig struck its colors, leaving just my frigate and the third rate fighting.)  The third rate came from behind the island and the two ships raced at each other, each trying to cross the other...

My frigate crossed first, pouring fire into the bow of the third rate...

... but my son sailed on and promptly boarded my frigate, his men causing such slaughter that my crew threw down their weapons and surrendered!

So overall, it was fun!  A lot of checking of charts for shooting and criticals, but still, a good time.

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