Sunday, May 19, 2019

Another unit of 6mm Vikings painted!

Well, I got another unit of 6mm Baccus Vikings all painted up!

They paint up VERY quickly... a few hours and they are done.  At this tiny scale they don't look great up close for the most part, but man, from two feet away they look AWESOME.  Again, they are all on individual stands, so I can always change up the unit when I want to.

The highlight of this unit actually isn't from Baccus... it is the commanders, from Microworld!  In this case, it is Odin himself leading the men!  You can see him in the front, with the white beard, with Gungnir in his hand and Huginn and Muninn on his shoulders. The miniatures are REALLY well detailed and beautiful... much nicer, I must say, than the Baccus figures.  I've got a few more... can't wait to get them painted up!


TamsinP said...

Lovely work :)

Phil said...

Well done, they look great!