Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Star Wars Legion Scout Sniper painted!

Hi all!

Well, I painted up a Stormtrooper Scout sniper for Star Wars Legion!

I did want to get a little ridiculous with this one, and get him all covered up... so I have him hiding behind a stump, behind a bush, and covered with a ghillie cover!

You can JUST see him with his helmet visible under the cover here.

I made the cover out of greenstuff, and then painted it, and then used a few different green "things" to cover it up... some static grass, some flock, some leaves, and then I left a few bits with bare paint because I thought it broke up the silhouette well!

1 comment:

David Cooke said...

wow great job! That's the most sniper looking sniper paint job I've seen.