Sunday, September 30, 2018

AT-ST painted for Star Wars: Legion!

Hey all!

Well, FINALLY a blog update, because I've FINALLY painted the darn AT-ST!

The posing of it was a bit tricky... I wanted it to look like it was in motion, because AT-STs look very cool when they are walking... awkward and spindly and cool:)

It wasn't too tough of a paint... several coats of successively light gray.  I enjoyed the weathering... brown and black inks, and some silver and brown-silver sponging to create a bit of chipping.

Next up, another group of Stormtroopers... and I ordered a set of Fleet Troopers and Scout Troopers to tackle next!


Steve J. said...

Very, very nice work and certainly a good dynamic pose.

Scott MacPhee said...

Nice job! You're ready to start building and painting model tanks!