Sunday, February 22, 2015

A TRUE war-game released for the iPad... finally!

Hey all!

Well, just yesterday a game I was waiting for was released for the iPad, and I thought I would post about it here, because if you are reading this blog, you want this game!:)

The game is Ultimate General: Gettysburg.  It is a fairly simple war-game that sees the player take control of either the Rebs or the Federals and fight through the three days of Gettysburg.

The game is a bit simple; units don't run out of ammo, for instance.  But the controls are smooth as silk (nothing beats the touch-and-drag type of controls on an iPad) the research is decent and the graphics are really, really pretty; you will recognize every building on the battlefield, which is a great treat.  Elevation is crucial to getting your guns in the right place, and fog of war makes you send out scouts to make sure there aren't any enemy in that dead ground to your left!

Overall the game is a GREAT little war-game, with a lot of content and beautiful controls and graphics.  I highly, highly recommend it... so far it is the best war-game I've played on the iPad, along with Battle Academy from Slitherine.

So go give it a try!


Samuli said...

Nice, I didn't realize they've made a tablet version as well. I've been playing it on the PC lately and the mechanics really seem great. And there's plenty of replayability with the ability to adjust AI strategy

Ray Rousell said...


Terrement said...

I really appreciate leads like this when someone finds a great game for the iPad - especially a great wargame. Concur with Slitherine's Battle Academy as another.

Really hope to see Slitherine do FoG for the iPad as well. I have it for laptop, but as they are re-doing the code for a second version, I really hope they include porting it over - even if it doesn't have the full capability of the PC version.

Gunfreak said...

I too have the game on pc, the main creator of the game, is known as darth, conciderd one of the best modders for the total war games, his darth mods for empire and shogun 2, are a must have if you want to play the games.