Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A fantastic 40mm AWI Fall table!

Hi all!

Well, it has been a LONG time since I posted anything toy soldier!  I actually have some stuff waiting (a great 25mm zombie product actually) but my buddy over at Echoes of Glory offered up his 40mm AWI figures for some photos for the House of War.  

For years and years we always felt that the AWI simply looks best on a fall table... something about that season just screams Revolutionary War!  So he recently put together some scenery to make a fall table!

Give it a look!


Stryker said...

You're right - very evocative!

Mr Papafakis said...

That table is fantastic! Must have taken ages, but the end result is superb.

Well done.

Millsy said...


Phil said...

This "autumnal table" is most impressive, great photos!

Tony said...

A great looking table. I've posted a link on my Blog.


Author said...

Hey guys!

Thanks for all the kind words, if I may proxy for my buddy!:)

Another great Fall table I remember seeing was at Fall In some years back... here is a link:

Tony, always appreciate someone linking!:) Love your blog... and I guess I didn't realize you did some of the Grand Manner buildings! I have a few closeups I think, if I am thinking of the right buildings and if you'd like to see them... I think my buddy REALLY hit some home runs with these.

Anyway... thanks all for stopping by!:)

Unknown said...

Very, very pretty! There's a friend of mine who does 40mm AWI using "Carnage and Glory". I'll recommend he visit. I use "Loose Files and American Scramble" with 20mm figures and Blue Moon buildings. I haven't got my terrain to this level yet but I'm working on it.