Sunday, May 25, 2014

A celebration contest, with a great prize!

Hi all!

Well, as anyone who reads this blog knows, The House of War is being converted into The Kid's Bedroom of Peace and Happiness.

So a sort of sad time, toy-soldier-wise, for the blog, as I won't be able to post as many photos and eye candy of the troops and terrain and all that fun stuff that I hope has made this blog worth checking out over the years.

So!  I thought a little contest with the idea of highlighting some of the fun blog posts from the past would be fun way to wrap it up!


The Rules:

In the comments section of this blog entry, just post a link to a blog entry from The House of War that you've enjoyed from over the last six years, with a brief description and link.

One catch... you can't post that has already been posted by someone else.

From all of the posts I'll pick a single random one as the winner.

That's it!  Simple, right?

What Does The Winner Get?:

Thanks to rules author Sam Mustafa, we have a prize!  Sam offered up a copy of his rule set "Maurice" and a set of the game cards as the prize to the winner.  It is a GREAT set of rules, able to simulate any number of conflicts from the age of linear warfare.  And it doesn't just work for the tabletop... it even has a whole campaign system and ImagiNation creation system built in!

So... whether it is a rule set for a period you already game, or if this is a perfect chance for you to get a set of rules for a period you might not have ordinarily tried out... well, I think it is a great opportunity for any miniatures lover!

So!  Please take a few minutes and look back over any of the old blog posts you may have enjoyed at the House of War... maybe you'll find one you didn't remember, or never saw, and will enjoy it!


MiniWargamer said...

I have read your blog for a long time but have always enjoyed the terrain articles as your tables look fantastic!

Mad Doctor Mark said...

I discovered your blog a few years ago as I was getting into 10mm gaming. I distinctly remember that this was the first post I read:

I was impressed by your table and awed by the house of war. I live in a small urban home and dream of one day having a dedicated gaming room like yours. Good luck with the move. You're downsizing for all the right reasons! May the House of War rise again.

David Larkins said...

Yours was one of the first wargaming blogs I discovered, and I've loved your armies and terrain, but the post that was most useful to me was this one:

In 2010, when I moved into a house that had room for a display cabinet, I went back to that post to get a pointer on what cabinet to buy, and it's served me well ever since. So, a big "thank you" for that! :D

Mikko Asikainen said...

I was drawn in a few years ago, like many others I suppose, by your great terrain layouts. I can't really pick any favourites but here's a good one:

Now that you think of it, your blog kind of gave me the idea to start my own, which I have been writing for over three years now.

Phyllion said...

I could pick many but I'll choose a recent one. Your eye candy shots made me wish I'd done Napoleonics in 10mm - beautiful!

Sad to hear about the house of AAR, but needs must. I'm sure you'll find a comfortable new home somewhere in the house!

NW Crew said...

I have alwayls followed your blog with interest but your 10mm Napoleonic gaming has a special place in my heart. Beautiful terrain and splendid looking massed formations.
I could have picked any of the 10mm Nappy post but this battle, in full swing with squares, Brunswickers and the old guard is a good candidate.

Donogh said...

As much as I enjoy your usual fare I really liked seeing you take on a new period with your moderns


Jorge said...

I've read your blog sporadically and the posts that I like are the ones that show off your Wargames room. I can sympathize with your conundrum (hooray congrats a baby, oh, well there goes my game room!!!)over the years, mine has moved from room to room to the living room to what is practically a Wargames Closet!!!
Seriously, congrats on the new acquisition (your child) a true 1:1 masterpiece!!!

Author said...

Hi all!

Thanks so much for coming by and leaving comments! I'll probably let people comment for a week, and then pick a winner:)

Jorge, go ahead and find a link you like... that way I can put you in the drawing for winning!:)

Thanks all... honestly, while blogging is fun, the most fun part is knowing what people have read and enjoyed!:)

Samuli said...

I guess I must go with the Death of Nelson! I guess it's about the first post that I ever saw in your blog when I tumbled upon it late in 2012. Amazing work and it really got me hooked!

Gamer in Exile said...

I love your 10mm figures, so I went back and found a post with many of your figures on your new terrain

Napoleonics was my first love. I have a few very cute units in 10mm so I always followed your posts in this scale.

Best wishes for the future.

Jorge said...

I Especially like your post on Saturday, September 26, 2009
"Some of my favorite wargames rooms" of your favorite wargmes room

An eclectic mix of styles making me extremely jealous of having one of my own.

Vive l'Empereur said...

I think the post that stood out to me was last year's post using "night vision" in a scene.

It looked genuine and made me think for a moment I was some young drone operator watching a no-knock night raid for a wanted insurgent. It maybe overly simplistic in one sense, but it's unique in that it could almost pass for a real life image. Very creative work.

carojon said...

Really sorry to hear about the demise of your lovely wargames room. At least the sacrifice is in a good cause.

My favourite post was about your lovely table design and the inside frame to lick down the mat.

So much so that based on your helpful comments when I asked about the detail of its construction it went and built my own copy of it last year .

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery as they say. Thanks for an inspiring blog

Baconfat said...

The same as Mr. Larkins said, your's was one of the first miniature blogs I stumbled on. It's also one of the best.

I guess you could probably keep the wargame table and some of the stuff at my house.

One of my favorite posts, wasn't even about gaming so much.

Anonymous said...

I didn't realise I would like this particular posting much when I first saw it early last year.

But asked today to find a posting that I particularly liked, and having just bought my 13-year old daughter a book this afternoon on how to construct stuff in her beloved MineCraft computer game, this one jumped out at me:

Now that I am more familiar with MineCraft after watching my daughter play it so avidly, I re-read your posting with much more interest than initially.

So your blog truly is a gift that keeps on giving!

Scott MacPhee said...

A lot of favorites, but I have always enjoyed your battle reports most so . . .

Dartfrog said...

I am totally going to cheat, but your site was totally the inspiration for the table I built for my own game room:

Congrats and good luck

Phil C said...

Your first blog post/entree to an awesome blog site to follow.
All the best!

The start of my blog!


Lasgunpacker said...

Lots of great content, but I particularly liked the 10mm forests, and the "how to"

Sad to see that the game room will be gone for a while, but you will find the time to play and paint now and again..

Le Matou Rouge said...

Can we vote for an advert ? ;)
I came from Warhammer to historical minis and it's obviously your beautiful Middenheim army who lead me here...

If only I had the money at the time, I could have make a big mistake !


JJMicromegas said...

First off, congratulations on the pending arrival of the little one. I hope that it is a future wargamer in the making. I have found your blog an excellent source of eye candy and inspiration throughout the years and I particularly like the attention to give to terrain and overall presentation. Those cabinets and table are only dreams for most of us.

The post that has had the biggest impression on me is the one where you introduce Longstreet;

I was never into ACW and had never considered collecting it until I saw this post and got interested in Longstreet. The narrative and pictures in this post are above and beyond the others. I ended up buying Longstreet and a deck of cards and will probably buy Sam's next game Blucher as well so it's a win-win for all.


Craig Welter said...


I have enjoyed many of your posts over the years, and been particularly inspired by the 10mm stuff. This recent post about making 10mm forests I found particularly interesting, as it is not a method I had ever seen or considered before, and I really like the results.

VolleyFireWargames said...

Congratulations on the new born - hope they become influenced to war-game by being the new occupant of your land of struggle - perhaps its too late to add on a couple of new rooms to the house to keep your "space" in tact - LOL Never had that choice to make - in fact Mine has kept expanding to occupy several other rooms in the house!


PS perhaps the crib could be under the table????