Wednesday, January 21, 2009

15mm WWII - German Artillery

Hey all!

Well, I am coming up to the end of my 15mm WWII German army... just five pieces left!

Here is one of those pieces... this is a German 10.5 cm artillery battery.

The battery consists of four guns (although there are only three in the photo... I didn't get the parts for one, and once I did I lost the original parts, soooo...) and the support vehicles to tow them. They also have some spotters and a command stand!

Like most of my WWII German army, this group is dug in tight, ready for an Allied attack. There was not a lot of conversion work to do, except for adding a radio antenna to the command truck, as well as a flag over the top to keep the Luftwaffe from attacking the wrong side... plus, lets face it, German forces need a few swastikas to look right. I did realize that I never painted the wheels of the transport vehicles... I will have to do that shortly.


Unknown said...

Nice work!

I've included this post in my weekly round-up of the week's best games blogging.

Author said...


Thanks for coming around and taking a look! Glad you enjoyed:)