Sunday, November 16, 2008

15mm ACW - Federal Infantry 3

After a bunch of posts of the whole mess, I thought I would finally get back to a unit showcase!

This is a traditional unit of blue-clad Federal infantry. I have a bunch of these guys, all the same blue and wearing the standard issue kepi (for the most
part.) Most of my ACW troops are interchangeable among units, with a single exception on the Confederate side and three or four exceptions on the Federal side (two units of Black Hats and two units of Zouaves...) You can actually see one of the aforementioned Zouaves, albeit dead, on one of the stands of this regiment... I thought that would tie them all together nicely!

Figures courtesy of Battle Honors.


Gunfreak said...

how many units do you have?
both old and new?

Author said...

Woof, no idea. Maybe 40 per side? At least? I don't know, I'd have to go through and count:)

Gunfreak said...

then you should deffenetly send me a few units, mabye 3 reb 6 union ;D

but seriusly, 40 vs 40 is ALOT

my Nappy force is 23 inf/cav units, 11 arty and 8 general units.

so 42 "units"

on 150 bases