Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New War-room decoration; Confederate Kepi

I was recently given a "donation" of sorts as a new decoration for the war room!

This very nice Confederate kepi is completely hand-stitched, with the tarring all done by hand. It fits me rather nicely, actually, and adds a wonderful ACW feel to the room.

To ensure it hangs well and without damage, I cut out a rounded piece of pink insulation foam that fits inside it perfect, and then put a nail into THAT in order for the hat to hang.

Next up... hopefully FINALLY getting my original pack hanging, although this seems to be a VERY difficult proposition:(


muzik212 said...

That's a nice commutation kepi. I bet the guy that gave it to you is the hardest of the hardcore!

Author said...

He is. He actually goes to farb events with live rounds, and picks off the cavalry reenactors with the most yellow in their uniform. In all the noise, no one can tell!

muzik212 said...

sounds like the coolest reenactor alive.