Wednesday, November 26, 2008

25mm Nap Russians - Infantry 2

Time for some more Napoleonics!

This is another unit of my Russian infantry for my 25mm Napoleonic armies. Like the majority of my army, these guys are wearing their greatcoats, prepared for the nasty Russian winter.

I have four of these units of infantry, each with 32 figures, and another of 32 Grenadiers. Honestly it is a fairly big number for a unit, but in games I can always break it into two decent sized units of 16. As before, I went with the drab brown color, even though some people insist their coats should be grey... I have seen brown for greatcoats before, and I just felt it was more drab and dirty looking, which fit the feeling of the army well.

I originally bought all of my Russians in one big go, as one of the Foundry army packs, with a few extra units (such as the cavalry) as add-ons. Flags, as always, courtesy of The Flag Dude.

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