Saturday, November 15, 2008

The table gets a bit full...

Well... some more of my Confederates have hit the table, and... well, with two boxes of troops to go, I clearly have too many!

It is funny now to look back on my old school troops and realize I painted a LOT of these guys! They've been sitting at a friends house for maybe 10 or 12 years at least, and only just came back to me (thanks to Fall In and that same friend packing them all up for me!) And holy cow...

So... I clearly will need to take some off the table.

Also, I have a bit of work to do on them, really, if I am smart... I should really replace the flags of the units that have the old-school Stone Mountain lead flags. I am not sure
I will NEED to, though... I think I might just take a bunch of the guys off the table, as it is so full now that it looks a touch ridiculous.

Anyway... here are two shots of the forces; one of the Confederate attack, and one of the Federal defense. I am sorry I couldn't get higher-res pictures so you could really see each unit, but I think you can get the idea!

I also took a pair of shots of troops advancing to the fight!

So... next up will be, I think, taking a few troops OFF the table and trying to "craft a narrative" to the set-up... at the moment, the narrative is "get as many troops on the table as possible!" which makes for full set-ups, but not necessarily nice looking, natural ones.


Gunfreak said...

you should just send all you'r old ACW figs to me, I'm seriusly thinking og buying some 15mm ACW stuff, because your stuff looks so good

Author said...


They generally look nice; your latest Nappys look FANTASTIC now, all rebased. The problem with going to 15mm ACW is you'll need all new scenery, as 15mm Nappy buildings and fences won't really work as well:( But don't let me stop you!:D

Gunfreak said...

Well with my new terra firma terrain, scenary will be cheap after that. a few houses and some frences