Saturday, November 29, 2008

Woo hoo Google search!

So a random post today... now, when you do a search for "25mm napoleonic russian" ... the House of War is your first return! And in a search for "25mm napoleonic french"... the House of War is number two!

For "15mm Confederate", the House of War is number three... "15mm Federal" results in the House of War at number 1!

Pretty cool, I think, for a dorky little blog!

Above picture courtesy of The Lordz "Napoleonic Total War 2."


~ Tom said...

Hey now ~ there's nothing dorky about your blog! I enjoy it quite a lot and you helped to inspire me to start mine.

Thanks for your photo posting suggestion. It worked.

~ Tom T

Author said...

Ahh I am glad it worked! Being able to enlarge toy soldier pictures is pretty key... after all, we want to see them up close!:)

Good luck on the blog!