Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New 15mm scenery - The Fields

Hello all!

Well, I hope everyone in the U.S. has had a lovely Thanksgiving! Personally I have now consumed northwards of 12 turkey sandwiches... and am about to tackle maybe 14 and 15. The trick is that cold mashed potatoes and cold stuffing can all be sliced to exactly the size of the bread! Then cover them in gravy, throw on some turkey, microwave for 40 seconds, and voila!

Anyway... in between downing sandwiches at the in-laws, I figured I would put up a new blog entry! This is a new piece of scenery, given to me by a friend as a generous house-warming gift! Sweetness, right? Forget the blender, get me some snake rail fencing!

So; it is a piece by Battlefield Terrain Concepts; the first such piece that I own. It is a hill with a few fields built in, and a bit of an empty slope on one side.

What is nice is that I currently use a few tubs of flock to blend my table, and the blending works very well on this piece to hide the seams with the table. I dropped a few piece of lichen on it that match the other ones I have on the table, and even ran a small hedgerow up to it, again to blend it into the table. Overall it is a cool ass piece; a few of them would look great, but unfortunately the expense is a bit much for me at the moment. Thank god for friends!


Gunfreak said...

very nice stuff, I'm working on a 15mm ACW project my self, mostly because of your wonderfull stuff.

PS. when is lordz comming back?

Author said...

Glad you have enjoyed! I have no other Battlefield Terrain Concept pieces, but I have a buddy who has a bunch and he loves them:)

No idea on the Lordz; I just emailed Lord Krazy to ask what the heck is up, so I'll hopefully know soon:(

Good to see you around, Gun!:)

Gunfreak said...

I just put in my second order from BTC, thats also mt second this week.
I got some of their stuff and loved it, so I orderd more, some plowed fields, more corn, more snake fence ect.

they are realy perfect for ACW stuff. to gether with my new terrain boards(which weigh 80pounds) it will look great

Anonymous said...

I have quite a few pieces by Doug Kline of BTC, and can attest to their quality and durability on the gaming table.

Scott Mingus
Johnny Reb Gaming Society