Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fall In 2008; My game

Hey all!

Thought I would share a few photos of the game I put on on Friday night at 9:00 PM. For some reason none of the games my buddy and I host ever get onto any website about Fall In... I suppose the later night Friday games just don't get photographed. Anyway... this time they'll make THIS website, darnit!

We took all of my scenery and my troops for this game, which included all of my old school 15mm ACW collection... this almost tripled the number of troops available! You'll notice the old school guys on the far flank, and the modern collection on the near flank. One passing gent made an interesting point, saying that the older guys felt more traditional, and the newer guys (who have been featured on this blog before) are more like the Games Workshop-ian version of wargaming figures. Sounds fine to me!

Here is a shot of the game near the beginning. The Federals were attacking on the near side across some fields, where they hoped they could overwhelm a smaller Confederate force (stone walls notwithstanding.) On the far flank another Federal attack was being launched, supported by some artillery in a field with a good line of sight. The objective: a hill held by some southern troops, which was easy to pick out thanks to the church on its crest.
Here is a shot of the Federal attack hitting the fields; the Confederate troops are rushing forward, hoping to hold the stone wall, but they are being held up by all the walls and fences in the way! Note the Sharpshooters skirmishing in front of the Federal columns.
The Federal attack on the far flank begins to deploy and advance up the hill; this will be a tough, tough fight.
Another shot of the Federal attack, with the supporting artillery visible in the nearby field.
The Federal attack on the town pushes forward, as the Confederates form on the stone wall and open fire.
A few of the same attack from the Confederate lines.
The attack on the far flank stalls a bit, as the uphill climb, coupled with the vicious Confederate fire coming from the units behind the fences, slows the Federal attack.
In the relatively quiet center, a regiment of North Carolinians hold a fence, waiting for some Federal troops to emerge from the woods.
A shot of the Southern troops holding the near flank.
The Maryland Guard Zouaves hold a fenceline. The corn is a new addition, thanks to Battlefield Terrain Concepts.
A final shot of the fight in the center of town. Unfortunately time and booze required us to pack up the game at this point, but it was fun to have all the boys out!

Next year I will be GMing a game for a larger number of people, so keep your eyes open for it!

BTW, here are a few shots of our game from last year; a 25mm ACW game featuring my buddies collection... there are more shots on his website.
The Federal hospital.
The Federals, prepared for battle!
Some Federal troops advancing past a house.


Gunfreak said...

have been waiting for this AAR
everything looks great, the figs, the terrain.

PS. whats going on with the lordz site?

muzik212 said...

Its over already...WTF!?!? 358 days to go. Just made my reservations for Cold Wars. You better come with, I'm tellin you its great! Get the kitchen pass from the wife now!

muzik212 said...

Just made my reservations for Fall-in too! The move won't happen until at least 2010