Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Victrix British, or Perry?

Hey all,

Well, I am stuck.
I have decided to take the plunge and send a Napoleonic British army off to Fernando for paint. However, I don't know what to do!

Do I wait for the beautiful Perry British, who are maybe six months out, so that they match my current forces nicely? Or do I just go for it now, and do a Victrix army?

Pros and cons:
Perry Pros: The figures will be BEAUTIFUL; they will match my Perry French army; they will be well supported with metal.

Perry Cons: Won't see them, painted and done, for a solid eight or nine months; all different formations which is not like my other armies which are all marching.

Victrix Pros: Available NOW; can be positioned more like they are marching (I think?)
Victrix Cons: No supporting metals from Victrix; maybe not quite as realistic as Perry.

So what does everyone think? Vote in the poll to the left to share your opinion and help a fellow wargamer out!


catweasel said...

Get the victrix and the perry when they come out.

Author said...

Hmm... see, the issue is that I plan to ship the whole lot to Fernando, and I really want to do it all in one go. Hence wanting one or the other.

Giles said...

Personally, I'd wait for the Perry sculpts. There's something not quite right about Victrix figures; I'm sure they're fine but the poses look a bit stiff and odd to me, and I do't like those large bases. At least with the Perries you know that the box contents will be very carefully thought out (I'm not so sure this is the case with the Victrix set).

But then again, if the Victrix poses appeal to you, why not go for it? I suppose it depends on how long you want to wait. Of course you could just go for the Perry plastic French, which are GORGEOUS.....

Author said...

Oh trust me... I spent a while at the Perry stand at Fall In drooling over the French boxed sets they had out:) However, I already have another unit of Russian infantry awaiting paint, and 6 units of Austrians, and 20 units of Civil War troops... so I figured I will only buy troops that I will have someone else paint for me:)

I am tending towards awaiting the Perrys... I do love their stuff!

BTW Giles, beautiful work on the plastic Frenchies you did!

Gunfreak said...

I think perry metal and Victrix will work togeather.

so buy lots and lots of Victrix plastic send them of to be painted,
and then buy supliment perry metal, to fill out the force