Sunday, November 16, 2008

A game a buddy and I are working on...

A bit off topic this time... in a way:)

My college roomie and I are working on a game at the moment. He wrote the engine, and I did the graphic
work. Right now it is a dungeon crawl through Middle Earth, in somewhat standard fantasty fare... if more interesting news comes up, I'll share... in fact, we might need a few playtesters, so if you have an interest...!

Now, this isn't my first game... I also helped make Napoleonic Total War for MTW and American Total War as well, and helped on Napoleonic Total War 2... but this is the first from-scratch game, so it is fun!

I have lost that +3 stiletto, unfortunately, but made up for it with a +1 studded gambeson. Sweetness!

EDIT: Here is my latest screen! Thanks to a bunch of fighting in close combat I've morphed into a warrior... also, I've upgraded my gear a bit! I've killed my first Cave Troll and a pair of Mordor Captains... the Troll was the toughest of the lot for sure, he did a LOT of damage... used up almost all my food then!

Anyway, back to toy soldiers soon!

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