Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New 15mm Scenery - Cornfields

Hey all,

Well, it is the Thanksgiving vacation, and I am up at the in-laws for the vacation... but that doesn't mean I won't give anyone looking for toy soldier pictures something to be thankful for!

So here you go; my new 15mm cornfields that I purchased down at Fall In!

They are courtesy of Battlefield Terrain Concepts... they aren't too fancy, being just clipped bits of a small artificial wreath, but to make them takes a while, so I figured a few bags couldn't hurt. They really add another important level to the battlefield... adding these, while already having the wheat fields, really helps the table achieve that layered 3-D effect that is important to a really beautiful wargames table.

In these shots I've surrounded the fields with some fences I built... they cover up the edges nicely and help pull it all together.

I have a few more half-finished posts that I'll put up in the next few days as well, so keep dropping by when you are in between turkey sandwiches!

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Gunfreak said...

What do you know, I got the exact same cornfield in the mail today.
aslo from BTC