Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New 15mm ACW set-up

Hey all, Well, I've finally (after a MONTH) got the figures back on the table. I am working on a new 15mm ACW set-up... they take a while to "mature," but this is what I have so far... I'll put up more photos soon, along with a new display piece for the wargames room!

The current set-up was originally supposed
to be just a touch inspired by Gettysburg (thanks, Fall In!) with the Round Tops on the one flank and Culps Hill on the other. You can see the vaguely Devils Den-ish area in front of the Round Tops and the Wheatfield just beyond the woods next to it. However, once I reached that point, I just went as the scenery allowed. The flock really helps; I still have another big jar of it that I could use, but I think for now it is fine. I actually use the flock both to cover edges and also to help accentuate low areas and high areas... I tend not to flock the higher areas so they look a bit lighter. I think it works, visually.

I'll put up more photos as I work more on the table, and of course when the troops actually arrive... it takes a while before it looks its best!

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