Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Confederates start to enter the field...

Just the latest in the new 15mm ACW set-up... I'll get the rest of the southern troops on the field this weekend! Just FYI, they are all, so far, my "old school" troops.


~ Tom said...

Beautiful photos and an amazing job on the terrain! Thank you for the inspiration.

What are your table's dimensions???

Best Regards
~ Tom T

Author said...

Hey Tom!

My table is 6.5 by 4... a bit small, to be frank, for my 25mm Napoleonics (which, to be fair, are a decent sized collection) but PERFECT for 15mm troops!

To be honest, the terrain is pretty simple and cheap stuff! The green is just a piece of felt that cost 20 bucks... I'll see if I can find the web site I got it from. The wheat is teddy bear fur; 16 bucks for a square yard. The board itself, and the hills, is just pink insulation foam; maybe 20 bucks for a 2 foot by 8 foot sheet from Home Depot... the trees were maybe 60 bucks, and the fences are just lots of time and balsa, which is cheap! Sure, the buildings aren't cheap cheap, but you can do something pretty similar for not TOO too much money:)

Anyway, my pleasure; I enjoy looking at toy soldiers far more than playing with them, so I hope some of that comes through:) Also, feel free to check some of the posts labeled "table" and "room" and "photos" for some more details on the table itself. There are some 15mm ACW terrain guides on the blog as well, both of the terrain and the buildings, which are a fun read:)

Thanks for coming by!

~ Tom said...

Thanks for the inormation! I know just what you mean, my table measures 6.5 by just under 4 feet which is why I am thinking about building a new one. Unfortunately I have to break it down after each game for storage. Oh to be able to leave it set up with terrain in place so . . .

Yes please , I would really appreciate knowing where you got the felt from! Does it look as good in person as it does in your photos?

Thanks again! Your new photos are very inspiring!
~ Tom

Author said...


The felt looks GREAT in person, but I do give it a solid container and a half of flock over the top... I have a dedicated dust-buster for clearing it off, and that helps it look nice. Still, without it would look good!

Anyway, here is the link to the felt I bought...

Hope it helps!

~ Tom said...

Thank you! I appreciate the link, and your comments. Your table and terrain are very inspiring! I look forward to seeing much more.

Best Regards!
~ Tom T