Friday, January 2, 2009

The Workbench

Well, it has been a bunch of unit features in a row, so I figured I would get a shot of the workbench!

Finally I have managed to get back to my damned Russians! After making "The Grassy Lane," a bit of finishing
of the Warhammer armies, and doing some work on the room, I finally get back to the army-in-progress, my 25mm Napoleonic Russians! This is the last unit of infantry I have in the army. Once these chaps are done I can finish the foot officers (three of them) and the rest of the cavalry, which consists of 12 Cossack lancers. Then only the final three artillery pieces (and their limbers and wagons) and a centerpiece (Guarding the Captured French) and the army is complete!

The final Russian army will mirror the French army, and will consist of...

1 General with 3 support figures.
2 sets of 3 Foot Officers
4 units of 32 line infantrymen
1 unit of 32 grenadiers
1 unit of 24 light infantry
1 unit of 12 Cossack lancers
1 unit of 12 Dragoons
1 unit of 12 Cuirassiers
2 units of 3 cannon with crew, limbers, supply wagons
2 centerpieces; "The Blessing of the Pavlov Guard" and "Guarding the Captured French"

Good stuff! Anyway, more to come, including that promised music review!

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