Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Huge New Additions

Hello all!

Well, as promised, I have a bit of an update:)

Recently I had the chance to buy a stunningly painted collection of 10mm Napoleonic miniatures from a rather well-known collector and writer of rules. Numbering about 6000 figures, the collection includes a massive French army, a sizable British army, and a huge Prussian army. The figures are beautifully painted, the collections perfectly balanced, and honestly I am SO happy to have picked these guys up!

So... starting now, at The House of War, there are THREE new collections to be showcased; the 10mm Napoleonic French, the 10mm Napoleonic British, and the 10mm Napoleonic Prussians! These guys will join the collections already featured; namely, the 25mm Napoleonic Russians, French, and Austrians; the 15mm American Civil War Federals and Confederates; the 15mm World War 2 Germans; and the 25mm World War 2 Germans.

I am hard at work at redesigning the table to represent Waterloo, and have already started building 10mm chateaus... and after that, it is on to stone walls! Over the next few days I'll do a few showcases of specific units so you guys can get a good look at the quality of the units. But for now, I hope the first few shots (a portion of the British and French infantry receiving their matte varnish) and the last shot (the Old Guard attacks, albeit across a somewhat North American-looking battlefield) can whet your appetite!


David said...

Fantastic blog. I am so jealous of your new 10mm Napoleonic army!


Scott MacPhee said...

Those are some great looking armies! Are those Old Glory 10s?

Author said...

How embarrassing to say, I don't even know! I'll get a few specific unit shots today so you can get a better look, Scott; maybe you can tell me?:D

They are awful pretty tho, I was VERY very lucky that their owner decided to sell them to me. I am working on Waterloo tonight; I'll get up some photos soon of what I have so far.

Thanks for taking a look (and leaving comments; I love comments!:D )