Saturday, January 17, 2009

Revisiting Cabinet 1

Being that Cabinet One is basically all full, I thought I would do a little shelf-by-shelf rundown of what it features... basically, a chance to show lots of pictures of stacks of miniatures!:)
Here is shelf #1; the top-most shelf. I usually try to keep the smaller scales up top, so they are easier to see and get some light from the interior lights. This particular shelf houses my 15mm WWII Germans.Here is shelf #2. It also houses some 15mm figures, in this case a small selection of my oldest miniatures that I have... my first 15mm ACW collection. I painted these guys some 15 or 20 years ago, but to be honest they still hold up okay. Especially the front Confederate unit second from the left... I must have painted them when I was 12 or 13! Still, the shelf looks okay all packed full of guys, and the reflection doesn't hurt!

Here we get the beginning of the 25mm Napoleonic French collection. This particular shelf holds the army General, as well as the two stands of foot officers, the command stands for the light regiments (needed some flags on this shelf!) and the two centerpieces.

Here is shelf #4. This is the second shelf of the 25mm French Napoleonic collection, and actually is mirrored by the next shelf down. In the center is a unit of Old Guard, flanked by regular line infantry, backed by assorted cavalry, and led onto the field by some legere!

Here is the third main shelf of the 25mm French Napoleonic collection. Like the one above it, it holds a wide assortment of French troops, including elites, regular line infantry, lights, and three different types of cavalry.

And here is the last shelf! It is the fourth of the 25mm Napoleonic French, and features all of the artillery and their attendant limbers and caissons. I might actually build a fake bottom for this shelf just to elevate the guys a bit... as it is, they are a bit low and obscured by the lip. I actually have some spare wood in the basement and some cherry stain, so I'll do this relatively soon.

Anyway... that is Cabinet Number 1! Hope it has been fun to look at, and I'll get Cabinet 2 up soon... it is looking as full as it has ever looked!


BigLee said...

Drool... Nice cabinets and that’s quite an impressive display of models. Looking at your pictures I can’t help but be a 'little' jealous. Most of my painted minis are stored in boxes. I have one display box (it's not even a cabinet...sigh) and I rotate the models on display each month.

Author said...

I will say, that is one great thing about having a spare bedroom... at least I can get a lot of the toys out and in view! Of course, once kids come along, I can kiss them all goodbye, but...

Anyway, thanks for coming over, taking a look, and saying hi!:)