Sunday, January 18, 2009

Revisiting Cabinet 2

Since I had a walk-through of Cabinet 1 yesterday, I thought I would do Cabinet 2 today!

Here is shelf #1. This is another sample of my 15mm ACW collection, on the top as with the other cabinet as 15mm needs to be close to eye level to really be appreciated. This is the latest 15mm collection, unlike the other one, which is from many, many years ago. However, like the other ACW shelf, this one is a mix of Confederate and Federal troops. There actually is ONE old-school unit in here; the Zouaves in the center. But they mix in just fine.

Here is shelf #2. It is the start of the 25mm Napoleonic Russian collection, and features a bunch of the most important pieces... The Blessing of the Pavlov Guard, the Grenadiers, the completed foot officers, and the army General himself!
Here is shelf 3. It features more of the WIP 25mm Napoleonic Russian collection, including most of the light infantry and all of the completed cavalry!

Here is the rest of the completed 25mm Russian Napoleonic collection; namely, the first battery of guns. There is another complete battery on the way!

And here comes the weakness! This is my current catch-all shelf. There are my LOTR figures, my sole Warhammer figure, and the first of my 25mm Napoleonic Austrian units. A bit of a strange mix, but what can you do! Eventually this shelf will belong solely to the 25mm Napoleonic Austrians, or possibly the 25mm Russians... they will need a LOT of room for the last artillery battery!
And here is the final shelf, which is basically empty at the moment, except for some 25mm World War 2 Germans, a diorama that is a gift for a friend, and a VERY old school banner from my oldest army, some medieval humans I sold many years ago on eBay... MANY years ago!

So that is Cabinet #2! Hope you enjoyed!

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