Monday, January 5, 2009

Selling some unpainted Perry Samurai!

Please do give my auction a look! It is for 65 unpainted Perry samurai, which are BEAUTIFUL, but not on my painting list, so they must go. It includes armored samurai, plain clothes samurai, ashigaru, armed peasants... everything you need!



Gunfreak said...

Wow, for that price, I almost want to put in a bid, just to try and paint them.

PS. I posted some pics of the table on my blog

Author said...

Bid away!:) It is a good starting price, and the figures are BEAUTIFUL... I just have to much, and I just made a big purchase, so I could use the money:( Tonight I'll post one of the units I finished... which I think I will be selling as well:)

Author said...

Oh, and I saw your post! The table looks really, really amazing dude. You have taken some insane steps for your first year of wargaming!:D