Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Some more 10mm Napoleonic Photos

First up is a shot of the overall table. It is still my basic Waterloo board; however, I decided to do away with Waterloo (the horror!) because I felt like the deployments, and therefore the view, was not as good as it could be. So instead I moved some stuff around, and then bumped the British army up and into the action!

Here are two shots of the table. The first is from the French left flank. A massive French attack, supported by cavalry, is advancing through the wheat fields to attempt to push the British rifles out of the woods before them and then hit the British right flank.

The second photo is from the French right flank. The British and their Brunswick allies have formed up with the end of their line on a steep little bluff, with their flank protected by the drop and some woods and rocky ground.

I took a few photos of some particular parts of the battlefield. I'll move from the French left to the French right.

First up; the attack on the chateau in the center. This attack is being launched by 3 columns of Old Guard, supported by cavalry and skirmishers and all the artillery the French army can bring to bear. And watching over the Grumblers; Napoleon himself, visible in the lower corner of the shot.

From the opposite side of the field you can get a good view of the French attack. The British have occupied the chateau and its orchards, and have set up some light guns on the road. While there are an AWFUL lot of Frogs coming their way, the British troops are in excellent position and may indeed hold the center against the difficult odds they face!

Further down the field you can see the main battle lines facing each other. Nearest the chateau stand two regiments of Scottish infantry, readily identifiable by their kilts and bearskin caps. Overseen by Sir Thomas Picton (directly behind their lines; you can just make out his unique... headgear) these fierce troops will be counted on to hold the line, and are supported by regiments of redcoated infantry.

Next to them is a large contingent of allied Brunswickers. These troops look fearsome in their black uniforms and the skull and crossbones on their shakos. However, while they are competent enough troops, they will have a difficult time repulsing the French troops coming their way...

... as at the center of the French attack are columns of the Old Guard. Along
with attacking the chateau, the Guard is at the center of the main French attack across the open fields. With hundreds of heavy cavalry supporting them and dozens of guns, as well as thousands of infantry, the Guard is getting awfully close to the British lines.

So; those are some shots of my current set-up. At some point I'll get some more unit showcases up, and I'll also share a few shots of the Prussians; they are not yet grassed, but they are possibly the best looking of all of the troops.

To wrap it up; a shot of the Brunswick guns on the flank, pouring fire down on the attacking Frenchmen in a desperate attempt to hold them off.


Anonymous said...

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Ian Jackson
55th Division on TMP

Gunfreak said...

The 15mm terrain works great with the 10mm figs.

By the way, don't be disturbed if you ome day wake up and find them all gone, I'll take good care of them

Author said...

Hey Ian!

Thanks for pointing that out... what a strange site that is, it seems to simply be lifted blog posts and such... how wierd. Anyway, thanks for stopping by, it is always nice to have new comments:D

Gun, if you go stealing my stuff, I'll be very upset:) Actually, some of the 15mm scenery really DIDN'T work; the fences and buildings were definately too large, although the chateau I built worked well... I find that smaller scenery is better than larger. I also couldn't really use the pin trees that I use for 25mm and 15; I could only use the smaller-tree forests.

muzik212 said...

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muzik212 said...

The fellow was quick to reply. He is using feeds to scrape the content and the titles link back to the blogs they scraped from. Yes, its arbitrage but not the bottom feeder variety. At least he is keeping it contextual.

If you want your content removed email him and he will do so.

Author said...

Wow. When you go after someone, you really go after them:)

Author said...

BTW, do you like the photos?:D

muzik212 said...

look great dude, and for the record for anyone else. I didnt go after anyone. I just wanted to make the my POV clear, the blogosphere may feel different. If it bothers you email the guy, he's very responsive.

Bruno said...

Very impressive, and yes, pictures are very nice as well.

I was wondering what is the basing you are using for those 10mm miniatures, and the rules with which they can be played ?

It gives a very nice mass effect...