Wednesday, January 28, 2009

25mm Nap. Russians- Hussars

It has been a LONG long time since I showed any of my 25mm Napoleonic minis... the 10mms have been getting all of the attention! So; I thought I would correct that by showing off another of the 25mm Napoleonic Russian units; my Hussars!

This unit is quite beautiful. The reds and blues are great contrasts, and really came out rich. Their flag is also very cool, as the green looks great against the unit, and the golds really came out nice. Unfortunately their caps were too low to really do eyes, so you can't really see them, but you don't really notice it. Overall I am very happy with how good these guys look, especially against an otherwise drab Russian army!

Figures from Foundry.


Scott MacPhee said...

Very nice! Who made the figures?

Author said...

They are Foundry figures... Hussars with sabres:)