Saturday, January 17, 2009

10mm Nap. French - Dragoons 1

Time for another 10mm Napoleonic unit!

This time it is a unit of French Dragoons. These guys are easy to recognize with their gold helmets and green uniforms. This particular unit has red trim on their uniforms, showing that they are the 9th Regiment. Their command stand features an officer, a trumpeter, and of course a standard bearer.

Leading this particular regiment is a dashing French officer in blue. He is urging his men on, motioning with his hat that they should follow his lead!


~ Tom Terrific said...

I am _so_ sorry I didn't check in sooner! Your 10 mil Napoleonics are incredible!!! As always, great photos and an inspiring table.

As I have opportunities I'll be back studying them. Thanks for the beautiful inspiration!

Which range are these? (Like I need another project right now! But someday . . .)

~ Tom T

Author said...

Hey Tom!

As ashamed as I am to say, I don't know what line they are! I think someone said they were Minifig earlier?

Glad you like them... I'll be getting some more up today, along with another ACW unit and a rundown of the other toy soldier cabinet:)

Thanks for coming by!