Friday, January 9, 2009

The Earliest 10mm Napoleonic Shots

Well, finally I've got a few photos of soldiers to show!

I set up a basic Waterloo set-up, albeit much edited. Rather than show a particular moment of the battle, I decided to go with showing three at once.

First off, I went with the assault on Hougoumont. In this shot you can see the French attackers closing in on the orchards around the chateau itself. I still need to build a model of the chateau, but for now I am using a few buildings as a proxy. I also need to redeploy some of the infantry, but as I said, this is a very rough draft; I just wanted to get troops on the table!

Next up is the French cavalry charge against the British squares. Ney's attack ultimately failed, but it certainly made for a beautiful sight! The British squares managed to hold off the French attack, as the British gunners ran for cover inside the squares, along with Wellie himself!

Finally is the Old Guard (or was it the Middle Guard?) assault on the ridge. In my current draft of the table the Old Guard hasn't yet reached the ridgeline... it is just on its way.

So... that is what I have so far! I really need to move some troops around, to build the buildings I need, and maybe remove all of the hedges between the fields... I haven't yet decided if it improves the look, or makes it worse... I suppose I'll figure it out eventually!

To wrap it up, here is a shot of a nice big mass of French Cuirassiers! Anyway, thanks for looking, and I'll have more updates soon!

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