Sunday, January 18, 2009

A glimpse of the Prussians

Before the weekend ends, I thought I would get just a few photos of a fraction of the 1806 Prussians up!

These guys are going to need a bit of work; they are not flocked, and their artillery and commanders are not painted yet. Now, there are some two thousand of them already painted, so I am not terribly concerned, but still...

They are quite beautiful, to be frank. They are older Prussians so their uniforms are fairly old school, but they do look fantastic; a wide variety of colors really makes them stand out. My only issue is that their command stands are all the same, and do not feature any flags. What a shame! Here is a single shot of them on the table... the Allied Troops have largely been given a flank, with the Prussians and Brunswickers being side by side.


Der Alte Fritz said...

Methinks that the white coated soldiers are Saxons rather than Prussians in 1806. True?

Author said...

Youthinks correct!:) These guys are a bit out of my usual knowledge range, so while I know they are a mix of Prussians and Saxons, I don't really know which are which. As they get posted if you want to point out which are which that would be appreciated actually!:)