Sunday, September 5, 2010

My own Richard Sharpe and Rifles

Hey all!

Well, despite some problems with base warp-age, and unfortunately a little bit of flat varnish misting (which I can fix) my latest project is done!

Inspired by Gunners custom made Richard Sharpe and Company, I decided to do what little I could with what little I had to give myself an interesting set of riflemen!

Hence the group you see here!

Two of the guys are simply standard Perry plastic rifles.

One, the chap with the yellow hair, is a non-rifle head swap, with the rifle shako carefully carved off the discarded head, hollowed out, and then put into the empty hand.

The Scottish-looking fellow is another head swap with a Wargames Factory set of Zulu British (same set I stole this fellows head from!) with a forage cap made of green stuff.  I feel like the 45 degree turn of the body and the subsequent turn of the head really helped this body look different than the other... which, for reference, is the blond guy without the shako.

Lastly is the commander, who is a Perry infantry officer with braiding and hat details done in green stuff to "rifle him up."  I also clipped away a bit infantry-specific bits, and added the pom-pom from another figure.  And yes, those DO appear to be French chasseur overalls, although this chap does not carry a rifle and doesn't have black hair, so I have no idea who he is supposed to be;)

Overall, I like how they turned out.  There was some base warping after I left them too close to a light, and a little problem with the varnish, both with a touch of misting and a touch of cracking because I didn't let the dip harden enough apparently:(  Almost a catastrophic error; as it is, I suppose I'll have to consider rebasing at least two of these chaps.

Thanks for looking!


Giles said...

Great work, Lord A. The conversions work very well - what a great idea!

Best wishes


Author said...

Thanks for the kind words, Giles! I gotta say, I am about as psyched for these figures as any I've done... I feel like they really turned out even BETTER than I had planned.

The warped bases is annoying, though... I'll have to rebase them at some point... and I had some issues with the varnish (which I solved with a quick re-spray) and the dip (which I will have to solve with some touch ups) but overall, super happy with them.


Tony said...

I've always liked the TV series and disliked the books!

Even so I think your figures are excellent.

Very well done.


Dan said...

Hi Lord

They turned out great, well done.

Author said...

Guys, really, thanks so much for the kind words... for some reason these guys really ended up being my favorites... honestly, I think they are my favorite figures ever! I think it is a combo of that the painting turned out well, as well as the fact that the limited conversions really helps them feel more "mine," you know?

Anyway, thanks much; these guys are really my favs, so it is nice to hear folks like looking at them!:)