Wednesday, September 1, 2010

25mm ACW Confederate Commanders

Hey all!

Well, back to some posting goodness, before work starts in earnest...

I thought I would finally finish up and post my 25mm ACW reb officers!

These are figures from Sash and Saber, which I think are among the nicest toy soldiers out there.  On the left is Colonel Turner (note the similarity) and on the right Colonel Slouchyhat.  I am mounting these to match not only my collection, but the rather insanely-huge collection of a buddy of mine, whose figures are mounted like this as well.

Overall I think they turned out nicely.  I don't actually have any reb infantry painted yet, but I'll get on that ASAP.  I have a nice amount of unpainted ACW lead sitting in the closet that I will have to get to at some point. I have to say, I can't remember the last time I was SO new to a collection, and it is a little intimidating... but I guess they have to get done eventually!

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Josiah Martin said...

Those are really nice!