Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Workbench

Howdy folks!

Well, I have started work up, and have been completely exhausted... so it has been a short while since I got to post anything (other than food, which frankly is actually fine with me) but I did want to get something done this weekend!

The urge to paint hit, and I wondered which of my projects I should work on.

Would it be to put together the second of my three units of Wargames Factory Vikings?

Would it be to get started on a unit of 25mm Austrian Cuirassiers, that have sat ready to go with their bases and all that in a box for a year?

Would it be a half-done unit of 25mm Russian infantry, which has been just missing half its whites and the guns?

Nope!  Turned out I wanted to make some more 25mm Perry British!  The last guys I did were my Greenjackets, and I figured I really needed to get some more regulars out there... so here you go.  Four guys, one in grey trousers, and including a drummer.  On the far left is one trooper who I already finished in the last batch.  Right after taking the photo I dipped them, and now I just need to wait for them to dry!

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James said...

Shazaam. Impressive stuff.