Sunday, September 19, 2010

And varnish ruins more of my miniatures.

Fucking wonderful.

Varnished the Brits after letting them sit for 24 hours after being dipped, and voila, two of them mist up, including the drummer, who I was very proud of.

I'll see if I can recover them at all later.  Right now I am so angry I might destroy them, so I figure I better take a walk.


Josiah Martin said...

Sorry to hear that, I've seen all kinds of remedies for that on various forums and such, I'd give that a shot before you strip them. (I think maybe TMP had a thread about it recently).

This is why half of my miniatures aren't dull coated- I'm scared of what could happen.

adeptgamer said...

I feel your pain. My Vampire Counts lost so bad (which is to say I lost so bad) a month ago I nearly pounded them to little tiny pieces in my child-like fury.

Endeavor not to destroy your work good man! Even if you cannot recover it, the memory the figure will bring is surely sweet is it not?

DarkWingDuck said...

Sorry to hear that,

I've heard that if you retry (with glosscoat) it'll often fix it.

The theory is that the "mist" comes about when the paint gets too much "roughness". Putting a second coat (usually gloss) fills in those rough areas and makes the mist go away. (same principle behind putting clear tape on a frosted window let's you see through the window).

Duck Sauce said...

I've heard the gloss coat method as well, although thankfully I've never had to try it. Good luck!