Friday, September 24, 2010

A new 15mm ACW table going up!

Hey all!

Well, stored way the 10mm Napoleonics (there are a TON of them, it is RIDICULOUS... finding boxes full of troops stashed away all over the place...) and am now going with a 15mm ACW setup!

I am very early in the process; want to sort of work off of the old Napoleonic setup a bit, but honestly that was a very hilly setup, which works fine with lots of hedges that conform to hills.  However, the ACW look is very dependent on fencing, and it just doesn't work that well going up and down inclines.  I already removed the wide plateau that the church is on since taking the photo, but I may get rid of the ridge to the far end as well.

Anyway... a lot of work to go, but thought folks would enjoy an update!


Dan said...

I love your terrain setups. They just look so real. Keep up the good work!

Author said...

Hey man,

Thanks so much! Honestly, though, it can be really hard:( For this one, for example, I sort of got stuck and had to give it up for the night... I think the hardest part, for me, is ensuring that the habitations are correctly done... you know, that there are roads leading where roads need to lead, that the buildings are put up in the spots that make sense, that the fences are where they should be... it has to look natural and human, or it just looks off!

Right now, the current guy definitely needs some changes in the "town" area to the near side of the photo... I am not happy with the way it looks, but I'll get it together eventually:)