Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"Red Dead Redemption" as a tabletop game... with 2 questions!

Hey all!

Well, I have a buddy who is considering undertaking a new project.  Now, it would take putting away his entire current set up (which is a bit of a brute, as it is a huge amount of stuff) and the building/collecting of an entirely new collection!  However, if done, it could be REALLY neat:)

So, he wants to clean off his ACW set-up, and to do a western sort of thing... sort of a "plains of Colorado leading up the mountains."  He is basically looking at doing about a third of the table or so as mountains/pine forest, a third as "in between" and a third as flat grasslands and a town, all in 15mm.

He plans to then settle it with 15mm cowboys and civilians, and maybe do a little role-playing sort of wargame with it!  They would be single mounted, but the idea is some sort of "posse" or "gang" thing, with characters as the leaders.

Now, some pieces of this are fairly simple... cowboys and gunslingers in 15mm are not that hard to find... neither are buildings, or pine trees:)

However, a few bits might be harder to find... things like wild animals (deer, bear, wolves) are not something I've ever seen in 15mm.  SO!  Question 1: has anyone out there seen anything like those in that scale?

Now, the second question... has anyone done this sort of environment on the tabletop before?  Would love a few examples to take a look at.

Anyway... thanks in advance for any suggestions!


Anthony said...

Grenadier used to do 15mm "wolf riders", he might have to cut off the goblin but he would have wolves.

But the best bet would be to amp up his Google-Fu and look for Model Railway supplies.

Try Noch supplies (out of Germany) or here:

Lawrence Ofarabia said...

Yes my son and I saw it at Historicon this year. THe very thing your talking about. Table was about 20 feet long at least. Desert, to plains, to mountains and back down the other side to a mining town. You maybe be able to get pictures if you ask someone on TMP. It was a pretty cool table.


WarRaptor said...

Hey Lord Ashram - new follower, but I have kept up with your blog for a while now. Anyway...

I happen to have a few pics of the table that Lawrence mentioned. Check out here:

Also, the next 3 or 4 pics after that one. It was a cool table.

I guess 'N' scale is what, 1/160? And 15mm is 1/100? It might be a little off, but check out Scenery Express here:

There are horses and deer on page 1, cows and other farm animals on page 10, and black bears on page 12. Size might not be exactly what you are looking for, but its a start.