Friday, September 10, 2010

Finished up my 10mm Napoleonic game!

Hey all!

Well, the game is basically done!

The shot at the top is where we had left off...

The French continued to press their main attack home over the river at the chateau and surrounding fields, using a pair of battalions in square to protect their flank from marauding British cavalry.  Meanwhile, on the near flank, the French send in a brigade of Guard to help, using their own cavalry to try to keep the British Guard regiment (to the far left of the photo) pinned in place and unable to help.

So!  The French columns waded across the river, firing away with muskets, but the British infantry behind the tall orchard walls proved to be very difficult to push back.  While the black-coated Brunswickers began to suffer, with the Old Guard hitting them at the same time as some French line battalions crossed the stream and forced them back, it wasn't enough.

However, the British Guards, after forming square to hold back the French cavalry, began to slowly move up, and ended up close enough to fire into the attacking French Guard!  The French managed to get a battery of cannon up close to the British squares and pound them, but it was too late... the French Old Guard began to waver.  Desperate, the French threw their cavalry into a charge, but an amazingly accurate few volleys of musket fire from the British decimated the French cavalry and threw them back in ruin.

Eventually it was simply too much.  One of the two French squares guarding the flank finally broke under relentless fire from the nearby English infantry, leaving that flank even more fragile, despite the fact that the English have only a single ravaged cavalry unit left.  The French are down to only a handful of infantry battalions, faced by almost double that number of relatively fresh British infantry.


Finally, the Marshal waves off the attack.  Another day... another day!

Overall, I was once again really thrilled with how things turned out.  The rules just make the game FEEL very Napoleonic... when cavalry is around infantry has to slow down, but then artillery can simply pound them.  Infantry in square is largely immune to cavalry.  Columns can take punishment, lines can deal it out... I don't know, overall it really seemed to have gone well!:)

Up next?

Uhmm... I actually have no idea.  Suggestions?

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